Hordes of ‘crazy’ ants invading yards and homes

Hordes of tiny six-legged invaders are taking over some Bay area yards and homes, and so far efforts to kill them off have been met with failure.

When Eileen Green moved into her Sarasota home 10 years ago, she loved to spend time in her yard – but not anymore.

“They’re in such great numbers, when you get outside, they’re all over you,” she said.

Millions of Caribbean crazy ants have invaded the yards of Green and her neighbors. They blame the ant problem partly on a large park near their homes. They’ve asked the county to treat the ants, but say it hasn’t been done.

Joe Santella said he’s used just about every product possible to get rid of the ants, but he has had no luck.

Killing the ants themselves is easy, but eradicating the species has proved to be impossible because the ants multiply so quickly and are able to travel long distances.

“You treat the house and it kills millions and then they bridge themselves and walk over the dead ants,” said Paul Hobson, the owner of Hobson’s Termite and Pest Solutions Inc.

Hobson said the non-native ants have been brought over to Florida and Texas from the Caribbean over the past few years. They tend to be especially active during the hot summer months, he said.

In the past, when Hobson treated the ants, they stayed away for three to four weeks. Now he is hoping a new product called Ensystex will help.
But for some like Green, it may be too late.

“I’m going to have to do something or move out of state,” she said.

Green has had it with the ants, and she said that if they don’t go soon – she will.

Article via Bay News 9.