Wildlife Removal and Relocation Services

HOBSON’S is a state registered wildlife trapper and relocation company. We have an owner approved release site and work with a local animal refuge to give each animal a chance at a successful future. HOBSON’S will trap the unwanted guest, repair entry points, release animal, and offer a service for clean up and deodorizing of the attic.

Rodent Exclusion and Trapping

The only way to truly eradicate or prevent a rodent issue in a structure is to seal off all entry points to the structure. HOBSON’S has the equipment and the knowledge to do this job properly. Once the exclusion work is done HOBSON’S will trap and remove all rodents from the structure and back it up with a 1 year renewable warranty. After HOBSON’S is sure that the existing problem is gone, we can then offer you an attic clean up and deodorization of debris and odor left behind. After all “It’s YOUR home, not theirs!”